THINKING FOR A CHANGE BY JOHN MAXWELL: Understand the Value of Good Thinking
What does a good thinker look like? Good thinking isn’t just one thing, it consists of several specific thinking skills. Becoming a good thinker means developing those skills to the best of your ability. The good
thinking eleven skills:
•Seeing the Wisdom of Big-Picture Thinking
•Unleashing the Potential of Focused
•Discovering the Joy of Creative Thinking
•Recognizing the Importance of Realistic Thinking
•Releasing the Power of Strategic Thinking
•Feeling the Energy of Possibility Thinking
•Embracing the Lessons of Reflective
•Questioning the Acceptance of Popular Thinking
•Encouraging the Participation of Shared Thinking
•Experiencing the Satisfaction of Unselfish Thinking
•Enjoying the Return of Bottom-Line
As we review each skill, Thinking For A Change will not try to tell you what to think; it attempts to teach you How to think. As you discover each skill, some you will be good at and others you will not. Learn to develop each of those kinds of thinking, and you will become a better thinker. Master all the skills you can – including the process of shared thinking which helps you
compensate for your weak areas – and your life will change.
When a young man asked Jack Welch,
successful leader of GE, what to do to
elevate yourself in a company, Welch’s
response was, “You must understand the
importance of getting out of the pile. The only way you are going to stand out to your boss is to understand this principle: When your boss asks you a question, your boss already knows the answer he is looking for. In most cases, they want you to go out and confirm what they already believe.
Successful thinkers use the question as a jumping off point for several more ideas and thoughts. If you want to elevate yourself, you must add value to the train of thought your boss was on.”
Welch drove home this point by saying, “So if you understand that the question is only the beginning, you will get out of the pile fast, because 99% of all employees are in the pile because they don’t think.” If you desire to climb out of the pile, to rise above your current circumstances, to move up
professionally or personally, than you need to become the best thinker you can be.
-Contributed by Andrew Huber, GM