Angel Awards

Every 2 weeks our staff nominates a few caregivers for an Angel Award. The Angel Award recognizes those who have exhibited ” Love through service” towards our clients and each other. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission. This weeks winners are Sachiko M. Marie G. and Vernada H. Thank you for being Martha’s Hands Angels.

The growing long term care funding crisis requires understanding private pay alternatives – From

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Statistics show that the majority of people do not understand the various forms of long term care, the different means to pay for it, and most do not plan for long term care until they are hit by a health care crisis.  Today, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all in the red and creating havoc for government budgets at the federal and state levels.   State budgets have been impacted particularly hard by shrinking tax dollars and growing Medicaid enrollment brought on by an aging population.  Over 10 million Americans now require long term care annually, and Medicaid is the primary source of coverage.

Seniors and their families are already struggling with the costs of everyday living, if you add the costs of long term care to the picture it is a back breaking scenario for most Americans.  The simple fact is more responsibility is going to be placed back…

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When you wake in the morning, pray to Go

When you wake in the morning, pray to God, thank Him for your life, and ask for His guidance throughout the day according to His purpose. It’s called a ‘Morning Offering’. Remember, you are a temple of the Holy Spirit ! So take care…
Take a 10-30 min walk every day and while you walk ..SMILE…It’s the ultimate anti-depressant.
Sit in silence for 10 min a day…..You can hear God’s voice so much better.
Each night before you go to bed, thank God for what He has accomplished in your life. Ask forgiveness for anyone you have injured or any shortcomings in you. Recom-mit to serving God with love. May all you do give God glory, honor and praise.
God ‘s blessings to you and your family. Andrew & Denise, Dennis. & Mary, and John