Today, I am writing in tribute to the mo

Today, I am writing in tribute to the mother of one of our own team members. Please know when any of you are going through trials, you can ask for pray. As part of the Martha’s Hands family, we will lift you up in prayer

Recently, when I was told her mother was very ill and near death. I asked how I could help. I realized the best thing I could do is pray, to pray for her that our God would lift her up during this time and carry her through these hours. I asked that He would walk with the family during this time. He is calling yet our God asks us to be patient as we offer Him all the pain and sorrow, all the good times and bad all being offered as gift to our Creator who created us loves us into being, teaches us to love through the example of our Savior and later calls us home. I offered special prayers for her and her family that they may be consoled from their loss. She lived a good life, she ran the race, fought the good fight and remained faithful in loving her God and Savior.
The following is the prayer I wrote for her and her mom.
“Come Lord, Jesus, our Savior and our hope.
Our Father..
Hail Mary..
Dear Lord, we love You, we praise You and we thank You for all You are in our lives. We ask You to wrap her and her family in Your loving arms, grant us Your love and mercy. May You relieve her of any pain and sorrow. Protect her from all harm. Forgive her and us for all the times we’ve fallen short of your love. May she find rest in your kingdom for all times, where she will stand with all her family, her mom & dad, etc. who have gone ahead, Your Blessed Mother, Mary, and all the angels and Saints.
Lord, We offer you our lives, our thoughts, words, and deeds. We ask only for you love and your mercy.
For the sake of your sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen”

As Children of God, we may call upon our Creator and ask blessings for each other.

May you all be blessed,
And the Martha’s Hands Staff

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