Memories of My Loving Dad… Father’s Day

Memories of My Loving Dad…
Father’s Day Memories, an Exercise of Love
When you think of your dad many memories will come to mind. If you are fortunate, you were raised by two loving parents who taught you love and life from the best forum of a healthy family. Oh, I didn’t say perfect, but in watching your parents we learn to do it better and learn true love.
Being a Father isn’t hard, any male can do it BUT being a Dad is one of the greatest roles one can have in life. In a small way, it resembles the God Father role. The God of Creation, who loves us into life. The God who encourages us in the use of our God given gifts and teaches us how to succeed and if he is wise, he teaches us how to fail. In our failures we learn how to do it better and eventually how to do it right.
As we age, we have the time to think back on our families. If you are lucky you may even remember in color, something fun to think about. It’s a great head and heart exercise.
I ask you to think of your dad. Go back in your memories to remember some of the scenes of your life. The lessons you’ve been taught by your dad, forgiving each other when things were not perfect. Think about how you love each other anyway. Close your eyes and enjoy your trip…

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