The following are some memories in tribute to our Father’s

The following are some memories in tribute to our Nurse Founders Dad.
Hugh McCaffrey was born into an Irish Catholic family, son of a nurse and Steamboat Captain in Dubuque, IA. He met and married my mother who served him donuts after mass while serving in the Coast Guard during WWII. They then moved to New York for a career in radio or so he thought. Dad was blessed with Irish charm and good looks of dark curly hair & blue eyes, he was immediately asked if he’d consider modeling. He became one of the top US models from 1944-1958, including being a model for Norman Rockwell for his 1945 picture, ’ Home Coming’.
Dad was also blessed with many gifts, love of God, leadership, Eagle Scout, artist, athlete, and love of my mom and our family. He taught my 2 brothers and sister and I how to dance while standing on his feet. He and mom taught us many things including how to sing, swim, dance, play softball, tennis and laugh with others and ourselves. He was not a great organizer so we watched him succeed and fail at setting up businesses. Thank God for mom thus his successes outweighed the tough lessons. What I know is, he taught us to love God, family, community, and nation.
My Dad had a quick Irish temper and, thankfully, he also had the gift of forgiveness. I remember my sister and I guiding my parents in the weeks before my father’s death to go over their lives together, remembering the good times and the mistakes of poor choices and then asking each other for forgiveness both from God but especially the forgiveness of each other. Many tears were shed during those sessions. It is a great exercise of the mind and heart. It was a beautiful gift they gave us, Forgiveness and love.
These are some of the lessons of life which sustain me for my journey ahead. I ask you with your loved ones to take the time to sit and reminisce, looking at the good times and those not so good. They helped shape you.

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