“Life’s most persistent and urgent que

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is… What are you doing for others?” MLK
This is the question that defines us, that gives us drive, that fulfills the question our God will ask us on the Great Judgement Day. How will you answer?
“The true neighbor, Dr King states, will risk is position, his prestige, even his life for the welfare of others.” This statement exemplified the life & legacy of Dr Martin Luther King JR. He dreamed of a world where brothers and sisters of our Creator were held as equal. He knew it was possible and worked hard to bring about major changes in the Civil Rights of our country in the 50s & 60’s. I saw him stand and lead when others were insure. He became the strong voice of my youth that spoke out for others. That gave me a sense of moral compass. As a young nurse, I was part of a health service team that broke a racial line asking me to not serve at an event where he was speaking. Thankfully, that day was peaceful as he encouraged the people of St Louis in peace.
In many ways, When you caregivers have to speak up for the sick, to be a health advocate for them to their families and communities, You are that person who has concern for others.
We at Martha’s Hands are proud of you and ask God to continue to bless your work.
May our Creator grant you His love and mercy.
Eileen McCaffrey Hedrick RN. BSHA
And the Martha’s Hands Team