A Message from our Nurse Founder

Every Month our Nurse Founder sends out her thoughts and inspirations for Caregivers and our office team. This newsletter published bi-monthly

Dear Martha’s Hands Team,

The Season of Spring bring new beginnings: new seeds to be planted, beds to be tilled, weeds to be rooted out for proper growth in our gardens, ourselves. We can all take encouragement when we look around and see the beautiful new colorful buds on the trees.

We then know this is how our Creator meant us to be. We should be constantly growing, sending off new shoots of growth. We must trust our Creator to trim and prune us as He means us to be.

Sometimes we have a branch to mend that’s been hurt or damaged. We have to ask our Creator for help in trimming and healing this wound. We may need to ask someone who has wounded us for reconciliation or maybe we need to ask someone we have hurt, to for-give us. We have to trim off the ‘leaves’ of pettiness and anger , leave them on the ground and walk away. It will feel great… I believe this feeling is one of love. Our God reminds us often to love and forgive. As our God is constantly loving and forgiving us.

So during this Season of new growth, take the time to heal and mend and grow in loving ways by forgiving each other. ‘Trust God’s healing balm will soothe each crack in our bark’, so we may heal and grow into all He calls us to be. As He nurtures & continues to care for us all until He calls us home to His Beautiful Garden where a Banquet is being pre-pared in our honor with Him, our loving Creator.

May each of you and your family have a blessed Spring Season.

We especially thank you for all the ways you help your clients and their families heal and grow.

With Love, Eileen, Andrew, Denise, and John


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