A Message from our Nurse Founder

Dear Martha’s Hands Team,

This post may be a few days late, however it is never too late to recognize the importance of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day we honor all those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so we may have our freedoms.

From America’s earliest beginnings, our fore fathers sought to allow each person their freedoms. Freedom of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…and the expression of these God given gifts. They fought & died to defend these freedoms. They sought to allow each person the ability to express the belief in their God. We have many freedoms, the freedom to defend ourselves , to be a republic, to vote so as to determine our future, the freedom to seek our own happiness as long as we do not interfere with another’s freedom, and to seek our God as we understand Him….or not.

Our fore Fathers composed America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights with the intention of protection of these rights. May we be ever grateful and keep them intact for us and our children’s future. May we work to be a light for others.

May we work on loving each other as brothers and sisters, loved by our God, so we may have peace and contentment in our world, thus turning our weapons to plow tools. May we seek God’ will for our country, America.

We ask for God’s love and mercy. And May we continue to be worthy, as we pray, God bless America.

May you all enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday and remember those who have given that ultimate sacrifice in the service of America to give us the free-doms we so enjoy. May they rest in God’s healing love and peace.

With Love, Eileen John, Dennis & Mary, Denise & Andrew


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