Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to remember our fathers with love and forgiveness, in example of our own heavenly Father, as He loves and forgives us.

The third Sunday in June is observed each year in the United States as Father’s Day. The origins of this national event are not clear. Some records suggest that it was first celebrated as a church service some 100 years ago in Fairmont, West Virginia, at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, now known as Central United Methodist Church.

True or not, the impulse to honor our fathers is a worthy one based on the biblical admonition, “…to honor our fathers and mothers.”

I was fortunate to be loved and encouraged by my father along life’s path. Dad was a faithful Catholic who taught me to love God with all my body, mind, and soul and love my neighbor as myself. He, with my mom, was my first teacher. He loved life; Nature was God’s handiwork, a Sunrise, Sunset and Rainbows were all God’s gift of Hope to me, to us.

When I chose my husband, it was these characteristics I wanted in the father of my children. I am grateful to God for having received them in my faithful husband and best friend of 48 years, John.

Today, I ask you to stop and reflect on that father or ‘Father’ figure and in some cases figures, which encouraged you along life’s path. They may not have been perfect, as only our heavenly Father is perfect. Pray to let go of any negative thoughts. Pray to forgive, and then pray to love more deeply, as our Father, God forgives us.

May you enjoy this Father’s Day Sunday with your Dad and those men we have chosen to be father to your children and with all who are near and dear to your heart.

For our Caregivers, we at Martha’s Hands are grateful for the times you act as Father and Mother to our clients and families, nurturing them as they walk the difficult path of illness and letting go of this life. You help them to walk into the hands of our eternal Father with grace and dignity by your caring hands. May God bless you and your families. Amen


With Love, Eileen And John, Dennis and Mary, Denise and Andrew And your Martha’s Hands Team

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